Testosterone Notes - Biology class Notes - Physiology Class Notes


  • Primary male sex hormone, synthesised from testes(Leydig cells se), adrenal glands( cortex layer ki sab se last layer - zona reticulosa). 

  • 97- 98% bound ( zyadatar testosterone protein jaise albumin aur sex hormone binding globulin se bind karke rehta hai). Only 2-3 % is free and not bound.



(a) male body characterstics development

 (b) supress  formation   of  female genital organs .

(c) descent of testes 

During  PUBERTY 

(a) enlargement of all organs 8 fold.

 (b) causes distribution of body hair . 

(c)Promotes spermatogenesis ( Testosterone kam hone se spermatogenesis ka jati hai jiske wajah se in fertility ho sakti hai males mein).

(d)Important for sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, increase in muscle mass,  increase in muscle strength and the production of  RBC’s( testosterone ki wajah se RBC males mein zyada count hoti hai).

(e)Secondary sexual characteristics  in males( jab ek ladka puberty age mein jata hai tab uske body mein changes ati hain jaise voice bhari hona, beard fascial hai ana, muscle development hone). 

(f) voice changes( Males mein voice bhari ho jati hai.

(g) skin secretions increase for sebaceous glands causing acne( skin ki secretions zyada badhne se pimple hote hain)

(h) Protein synthesis which leads to Muscle formation gives Vshape to body with broad shoulders and narrow hips.

(i) Increases metabolic rate which reduces fat percentage in the body ( Testosterone body mein muscle mass ko badhata hai to fat ko kam karta hai protein synthesis karakar aur body ke metabolic rate ko badha kar).

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